Advanced Materials Characterization and Testing Lab (AMCaT)

The AMCaT labs are located in Kemper Hall with a major emphasis on Analytical Electron Microscopy (micro analysis) in material and sciences. AMCaT is a 24/7 multi user recharge facility requiring all new users to register. The vision and goal of AMCaT is to embrace and support a multi disciplinary user base of students (undergraduate, graduate), post doc and faculty researchers at UC Davis. The facility also offers our users a variety of sample preparation equipment, a light microscopy lab with image analysis, an x-ray lab, and a materials testing lab. AMCaT also supports numerous lab classes in Engineering.

Service Work

AMCaT will do service work for PIs, students and off site commercial customers. In addition to running samples on the instruments our staff can provide a range of additional services:

  • Sample prep (bio and materials; chemical processing, microtomy, staining, etc)
  • Metallography (preparing mounts, grinding, polishing)

Access to AMCaT Laboratories

Access to the AMCaT labs is by user registration by contacting the laboratory manager. Registration is done by completing the New AMCaT User Form complete with your PI signature and 7 character DaFis account number. Return the new user form to the laboratory manager to schedule equipment specific training and site specific safety training. Additionally a Machine Use Authorization Form (AKA Statement of Experience, or Form 3A) will need to be completed and returned to the laboratory manager.

To be added to the AMCaT equipment scheduler click the button below and complete the form. A 24/7 door code and computer login information will be provided after the new user registers.

When you have recieved an email notification that you have been added to the equipment scheduler please complete the following:

  • Login to the AMCaT equipment scheduler and you will see a list of equipment available for training on the right side of the page.
  • Select the piece of equipment you need training on and submit.
  • You will then be prompted to enter your availability and submit.
  • An email will then be sent to the instrument manager, who will schedule training and then email you the dates/times.


Andrew Thron