Advanced Materials Characterization and Testing Lab (AMCaT)


The table below lists the major equipment and capabilities.

JEOL JEM 2100F-ACBF, DF, STEM, TEM, HAADF, EDS, PEELS, DiffractionKemper Hall, Room 113Description
Panalytical XPert Pro MRDThin films & Inorganic materials IDKemper Hall, Room 135Description
Materials sample prepDiamond saws, grinders, polishers, dimpler, disc cutter, low angle ion mill, plasma cleaner, ultramicrotome, sputter and carbon coatersKemper Hall, Room 108Description
Spark Plasma Sintering (SPS)Rapid sinteringKemper Hall, Room 1160Description
Thermo Fisher Quattro SKemper Hall, Room 108Description